Sambreel Ventures

Sambreel Ventures is the division of Sambreel focused on partnering with and accelerating new and innovative businesses and products.

Our strategy includes:

  • Developing new technologies and products for our existing markets and new markets
  • Partnering with leading edge entrepreneurs and companies to significantly accelerate business growth
  • Investing in complementary businesses for whom we can add strategic value
  • Making acquisitions that add value to our existing businesses or that drive or support market transitions

Sambreel Ventures’ goals are to build--and support those who are building--creative, fun and valuable applications and products that enhance users’ internet experience while adding to the growth and value of our Company.

Sambreel partners with leading early stage VC funds as well as angel networks and business accelerators. If you are interested in speaking with us about partnering, investment, or acquisition, please contact us.

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